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10 Most Popular Pets

  1. dogs, terrific companions. They seem to sense when a master is feeling low, and they will eagerly stick a cold nose into your hand or lick your face. Dogs lie faithfully at your feet and rarely talk back, except when trained to do so. A canine pal will go anywhere that you do without complaining. He will still love you when you forget to fill the feed bowl, fail to pat his head, or fume over a doggy mess. Few friends are as loyal and dedicated as man's best friend.
  2. cats, their aloofness drive most petlovers crazy. they make a perfect teacher of unconditional love. feed them, play with them, shelter them, but don't expect them to notice when you call.
  3. hamsters, it is a good size to hold in your hand, and when tamed and trained, it likes to be held. It is larger than a mouse and has a prettier face. And, it doesn't have the musky odor of a male mouse.

    It is smaller than a rat and has a less prominent tail. In fact, a male Teddy Bear generally has his tail completely hidden by his long hair.

  4. fish, watching the fish in an aquarium bring relaxation and are enjoyable for persons of every age and interest. It is almost like you go into a trance when you watch them. Statistics show that collecting fish is the second largest hobby in the world
  5. mice, a sociable animal and needs a home where it will receive attention and affection. Being left in a cage and ignored is a harsh life for the guinea pig. They are affectionate animals that love to be held
  6. guinea pig, a friendly temperament with no tendency to bite. They do not jump or climb and thus have minimal caging requirements. They are easy to feed and very hardy with few health problems. Since baby guinea pigs are born fully developed, with fur, teeth and their eyes open, they are easy and fun to breed
  7. birds, hardy little jewels come in an array of beautiful colors, and require less space and the aesthetic value of owning a bird should not be underestimated
  8. snakes, low maintenance pets, especially in comparison to more traditional species. They require minimal space, as most common species do not exceed five feet in length. Pet snakes can be fed relatively infrequently, usually once every five to fourteen days. Certain snakes have a life span of more than forty years if given proper care
  9. iguanas, phenomenal pets. you won't be required to give them long walks outside and potty training will not be an issue that gets you out of bed at 3 a.m.
  10. ferrets, one of the most popular pets because they have the same as well as different qualities of both cats and dogs. They are more independent than dogs. They are more playful than kittens and remain playful all their lives. They are very quiet animals and do not make a lot of noise.