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How To Choose Your Pet

There are many important factors in the choice of a pet. The fact that the person who acquires it can have allergies (like asthma, bronchitis, etc.) is one. If that is the case, the person should opt for an animal that does not provoke allergies, for example, an aquarium with fish or a turtle.
Another important factor is the age of the children that will socialize with the animal. Despite each child having its proper rhythm of maturity, the appropriate age to have a first pet is from six years onward. At this age the child is already familiar with school, is already more sociable and will possibly already understand its responsibilities towards its’ animal. In other words, it will understand that it cannot mistreat the animal and it must care for its’ hygiene and feeding.

Dogs are playful and adapt easily to children, but they need to take a bath once a week and to have a walk at least once a day, even if it is a short walk. Therefore it is necessary to consider if the future owner of the animal has the possibility to provide the treatment that it needs. Cats have better hygiene and are practically independent. They learn to use the catbox on their own and they lick themselves clean daily, thus they only need to take a bath once a month (at the time of the bath their claws should be cut too and in case you don’t know how to, it is better to take the cat to the vet).
It can be concluded that, despite the work and the constant attention animals need, we are always rewarded. They give us joy, company and loyalty like nobody else.