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History of Pet Insurance in USA

Pet insurance is on the rise in the US as Americans discover the value of protecting their pets.

  • First pet insurance policy is written for a dog in Sweden.

  • First policy is sold in Britain, and pet insurance takes off rapidly. Today, the UK has the most mature pet insurance market in the world with over 18% of pets insured.

  • First pet insurance policy is sold in the US to cover TV's heroic dog Lassie.

  • The Hartville Group, Inc., the ASPCA's partner for providing ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, begins to write pet insurance policies.

  • Pet insurance continues to gain popularity in the US as veterinary costs rise and more pet parents learn about its benefits.

  • ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is launched offering pet parents the opportunity to protect their pets with the experts in animal welfare.

  • The future of pet insurance in the US looks bright. More American pet parents are insuring their pets as they realize how it can help them pay their veterinary bills.